Windows 10…The latest Technology Preview is out!

windowsLast week, Microsoft took (2) hours to outline the newest release of the Technology Preview version of the upcoming Windows 10 for all devices. If you have the time, give the keynote a look.

Also, there is an informational page that highlights the broad strokes.

Overall, I think Microsoft is finally heading in the right direction, after a long time of complacency. Following the release and epic fail that was Windows 8, they finally realized that they were going to have to provide a real USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for both their users and developers, if they want these two audiences to continue with the platform.

I am encouraged for Microsoft with the release of Surface Pro 3 and the Technology Preview releases of their next iteration of Windows. With Satya Nadella at the helm and Joe Belfiore heading up the Operating Systems Group, I think they have the right leadership and vision for the company going forward.

If you are so inclined, now would be a good time to go long on MSFT. Not that I’m a stock expert, but as a long time Technology observer, I really believe that Microsoft has turned the corner and is heading in the right (for Microsoft) direction.


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What To Expect From Microsoft Tomorrow

windowsFor those of you that are eager to see what Microsoft has planned for Windows 10, Mary Jo Foley has posted a good article about what to expect. Go check it out. 🙂


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Accurate take on the Developer Perspective

UntitledIf you are a Software Developer/Engineer, check out this article over at It accurately describes the development landscape from a developer/engineer point of view.

You Too May Be A  Victim Of Developaralysis

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Warp Drive…where we are


For those of you who are science buffs, check out this article over at Discover Magazine. It talks about the current state of warp drive research. Yes, I said warp drive…this is NOT fiction.

Check it out….

How Close Are We to Star Trek Propulsion?


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Where will Art Bell stream, in 2015?

art_bell_070607For those that have been waiting for Art’s return to his show, when his Non-compete expires with Sirius/XM, there has been a wrinkle. At this point, it seems that he may be coming back without his long time stalwart, Keith Rowland.




Early this morning, on his Facebook page, Art posted this message:

The Dark Matter Network was established as a Forum to showcase new Talent and as a place where after my two Year Non-compete was done (In July next Year) that I could begin streaming live, it was run by Keith Rowland and of course a alternative to Coast. In the last few days I began getting email’s from many of you who could not believe that one of the Talk Host’s on DM was invited to do a Guest Host gig on Coast. This was done I am sure to irritate me which it did, however the straw that broke the camels back was that Keith did not have the courtesy to call me. When I called him, his response was “don’t worry he will stay on DM and Coast”. At that point I decided to pull my Web Page and asked Keith to remove my name from the site. This is not about Jimmy Church, I wish him all the luck in the World, this is about trust in relationships.

Where this leaves me in terms of where I can stream a show now is a open question. What I do know is I have to be able to trust the people I work with.


Not sure how I feel about this, except to say that I hope they work it out. I would like to see the band back together again.


Art just posted a clarification on his Facebook page:

Please note, I did not in any way stop DM Network or their Website, that can continue if Keith wishes. I only pulled my There are many things I might do in this lifetime but share any business with Coast is not one of them.


From last night (Nov 7th)….

Ok, good news Keith and I have worked out our problems! It was a simple
matter of lack of communication. Jimmy Church will indeed go on Coast as
a one time thing and they have said that he will be able to promote the Dark Matter Network as much as he wants! This is great because it is where my new home is in July! BTW I will be doing my thing from 9PM- 12AM P.T.

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