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Michael P. McEuin

(775) 250-1075


I am currently working at Thursby Software Systems on their Sub Rosa product line (previously known as ‘PKard’), including development on Mac, iOS and Android. PKard products provide PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) services to Desktop and Mobile devices, using SmartCard authentication (PIV, CAC, etc.) and derived credentials.



  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • WinForms
  • MFC
  • Objective C
  • Visual Studio
  • XCode
  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux
  • GCC
  • BeOS/Haiku
  • TCP/IP
  • AppleTalk
  • Android
  • iOS
  • WinCE
  • WES
  • Win32


Sr. Project Engineer/Manager experienced in all aspects of the software development process for products ranging from Network applications, PC gaming, Casino Gaming and various embedded and mobile products and wireless biometrics.

  • Interacted with Customers to address Networking issue
  • Administered Software Beta testing program
  • Provided Text for and consulted on Software User Guides
  • Created Tools for testing Network Protocol stacks
  • Attended and worked tradeshow booths to promote products

Skilled Software Engineer with track record of efficiently and effectively designing, developing and implementing complex software tools.

  • Script language and Game Engine for “Myst’ type game development.
  • Software tools for DSA verification of Casino games
  • Family of software for “burning”, tracking, verifying USB Security Tokens
  • Developed gaming system software for mobile Casio Gaming device

Strong belief in continual self-education studies.

  • Utilizes books, magazines and Internet for improving software skills
  • Studies books and tapes to improve knowledge of all aspects of business
  • Have participated in non-Engineering positions, such as sales, service, support, etc. which gives me a broader view of the technology business





Senior Software Engineer, Arlington, TX, April 2013- Present

Recruited to work on the PKard product line, including development on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android. PKard products provide PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) services to Desktop and Mobile devices, using SmartCard authentication (PIV, CAC, etc.).  Some of the products I have worked on are:

Sub Rosa (iPhone/iPad)

PKard Mail (iPhone/iPad)  – No Longer Available

Sub Rosa Pro for Android


Manager of Software Development, Dallas, TX, November 2011- November 2012

Recruited to manage the software development requirements for this maker of wireless biometric devices and solutions. Areas of development include Windows Mobile, CE and Desktop, as well as, iOS and other mobile platforms, working in conjunction with wireless biometric devices, for the purposes of providing biometric information, alerts and analysis. I managed the work of our partner teams around the globe, to include the U.S., India and Austria.

I also have done all the design and development for the companies fixed reader units. There are (2) devices. One is Windows CE based and the other is Windows based. In addition to the fixed reader, I also designed and began work on the iOS app that was to work in conjunction with the company’s consumer tag product, which works over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).



Senior Software Engineer, Las Vegas, NV, April 2008- November 2011

Recruited for my experience in Windows programming and experience with Win CE 5.0 embedded development. Currently working on Bally’s iView platform.


GAMETECH INTERNATIONAL, INC. (Acquired by Yuri Itkis in 2012)

Senior Software Engineer, Reno, NV, 2007- April 2008

Recruited for my experience in Windows programming and recent experience with Win CE 5.0 embedded development. Worked on wireless gaming devices for the gaming industry.

  • Developed slot game code for video slot games.
    • Classes to handle bitmap, animations, Animate Wins, Reels, etc. using Direct Draw / GDI
    • Sound Services using WAV functions from Win32 (no DirectSound in CE 5.0)
  • Developed code to handle keypad input (via GPIO)
  • Developed code to communicate with Z8 processor via serial comm.


Senior Software Engineer, Plano, TX, 2006- 2007

Referred to this company from the owner of ‘Custom Game Design’ when my contract was over with CGD. At Multimedia Games, I used technologies that include Visual Studio 2005, C#, C++, .NET 2.0, etc.

  • Maintained and extended a TCP/IP Windows Service, using C# .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. Server acted as connection to a MS SQL 2000 Server DB.
  • Maintained and extended software for a WinCE based device for use in Player tracking / Card Accounting and for serial to Ethernet translation of the SAS (Slot Accounting System) 6.x protocol. Used Embedded C++ 4.0 and Platform Builder for WinCE 5.0.
  • Maintained and extended a Load Testing application using C# .NET 2.0, Visual Studio and Win Forms.
  • Ported our Load Testing application over as an ASP.NET Web Service, using Visual Studio 2005, .NET 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, Web Forms and MS ISS for Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server.
  • Designed and developed a Windows 2003 based Windows Service. Windows Service used TCP/IP to communicate with MiniQRK (Quick Recharge Kiosk) devices (WinCE 5.0 based) and acted as a proxy type service to the backend server, using an SSL encapsulated XML based protocol. Developed using Visual Studio 2005, .NET 2.0,



Senior Software Engineer, Richardson/Plano, TX, 2005-2006

At CGD I develop games for the SDG/Bally’s AGP (Alpha Game Platform). This is the same type of development as I did for SDG, but now working as a 3rd party developer through CGD.

In addition to game development, I was also responsible for the following:

  • Designing or acquiring audio assets
  • Assisting Graphics department in game graphic design
  • Training other Engineers at associative companies on the Bally AGP (Alpha Game Platform)


Senior Project Engineer, Reno, NV, 2003-2005

Develop games for a Linux based embedded game platform, for various jurisdictions.

Developing Linux based games for the gaming industry (Casino Gaming) using proprietary game platform. Tools include GNU C++ compiler, linker, make, shell scripts, etc. on Intel Platform.



Senior Project Engineer, Reno, NV, 1997-2003

Design, develop, implement and coordinate with other teams on complex software tools for the Casino gaming industry.

  • DSA Authentication and USB Token Access development for Advance Video Gaming Platform
  • Resource packager development environment for game development

Initially hired to work on embedded Windows platform, to develop a multimedia bonus display unit to be used with standard stepper slots. Worked on system development, game development and tools for insuring integrity using DSA key verification.

Later worked on Win32 to develop tools for resource management/creation and network based tools for signing/creating game code images, USB Security Tokens, etc.

Tools used include various versions of Visual C/C++.



Senior Software Engineer, Fremont, CA, 1995-1997

Designed, developed, implemented and later extended, at 911 Entertainment, a script driven game engine and script compiler.

  • Script compiler to turn script language into “byte” code, similar to how a Java compiler works.
  • Game engine to run game script to display Graphics, play audio and accept user input, etc.

Developed a Windows based (and later Mac based) game engine to create script driven “Myst” type interactive games.

Tools used include various versions of Visual C/C++ and Symantic C/C++ for Mac.



Software Project Lead, Berkeley, CA, 1994-1995

Designed, developed and implemented software API for large imaging software system and wrote additional drivers for SCSI based high-speed scanners and large format optical disc jukebox devices.

  • API provided access via “C/C++” or Visual Basic, for customization of system

Tools used include various versions of Visual C/C++ and Visual Basic.



Software Engineer / SQA Engineer, Fremont, CA, 1993-1994

Initially, tested video card drivers and provided benchmarking reports, as a contractor, then was employed full time as a Software Engineer to write utility software for Video Cards.

Also worked on configuration software for video capture cards.



Quality Assurance Engineer, Emeryville, CA and Alameda, CA, 1992-1993

Designed and used software to test networking products for Windows PC’s to connect to Macintosh computers.

Did extensive protocol testing on Windows version of AppleTalk, by writing test tools to verify functionality of protocol API.


Technical Support / Product Specialist, Emeryville, CA, 1990-1992

Provided technical help to customers on the phone, as well as technical assistance to the inside/outside sales team, training for other Technical Support Reps and Customer Service Reps and Sales, coordinated all technical information for PhoneNET Talk.



Service Manager, Walnut Creek, CA, 1989-1990

In charge of operations, and maintenance of customer and company owned computers, as well as on-site maintenance and installation.



Sales Representative, Walnut Creek, CA, 1988-1989

Retail sales of P.C. products, encompassing MS-DOS and Windows based units as wells as Macintosh computers



Sales Representative, Vallejo, CA, 1985-1988

Retail sales of P.C. products made by Tandy Corporation, as well as business telephone systems and early cellular phones.


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