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Apple is cooking up something new, with ‘Marzipan’

Check it out… UPDATE: Apple Still Expected to Allow iPhone and iPad Apps to Run on Macs Later This Year

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Positive news on Haiku-OS (OSS version of BeOS)

Some positive news on the Haiku-OS front. Check out this posting on….

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Anne Strieber

If you are an Art Bell fan, you have probably heard of Whitley Strieber. Anne is Whitley’s Wife of 45 years, who¬†supported Whitley in his writing, editing everything he has written and has been prolific in her own writing, producing several books and a multitude of articles on the Unknown Country website, of which she … Continue reading »

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Art Bell Names New Show

For those of you who are Art Bell fans, he has posted on his website, the name of his new show, to premiere in late July of this year (2015). It will be called:     Midnight In The Desert    

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Warp Drive…where we are

For those of you who are science buffs, check out this article over at Discover Magazine. It talks about the current state of warp drive research. Yes, I said warp drive…this is NOT fiction. Check it out…. How Close Are We to Star Trek Propulsion?  

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