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I am a life long code and tech junkie, working with technologies from Microsoft, Apple and the open source community. Pretty much, if you can plug it in or program it, I’m in. 🙂

Currently, I am working as a Sr. Software Engineer for a long time Mac Developer, Thursby Software Systems, in Arlington, TX. They are the makers of great networking products such as Dave and AdmitMac. I am working on parts of the their newer product line known as Sub Rosa (previously PKard). This includes software for the Mac Desktop, iOS mobile devices and (currently) Android devices, to provide PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) services via SmartCard authentication (PIV, CAC, etc.), as well as derived credentials.

Recently, I have worked as the Manager of Software Development at Hothead Technologies, Inc.. A leader in wireless bio sensor solutions for team sports and industrial applications such as mining, oil & gas, etc., located in Dallas, TX. Software technologies include platforms from Microsoft, Apple and Google, for desktop, cloud and mobile.

Previous to that, I was a Sr. Software Engineer working in the Casino Gaming Industry in Reno, NV, Las Vegas, NV and Dallas, TX.

I write code in languages such as C++ and C#, on Microsoft Embedded platforms, as well as Objective C and Swift on iOS and MacOSX, as well as Java on Android. In my free time, I also enjoy dabbling with other technologies, such as Haiku OS and other technologies.